Never let your memories fade away

Smart private artificial intelligence

Keep your family and friends engaged

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A place where memories don’t fade away

ReCapted is an application that use the latest technology to store, organize and keep your memories alive.

  • Custom moments that suits a particular experience
  • Create your moments and explore your greatest memories again
  • Engage interactively with your moments
  • Custom albums for travel, children, weddings, parties, a day with friends and much more

An intelligent place for your memories

Meet your new personal AI memory assistant. Let her help you make sense in a lifetime of memories.

  • Automatically sort memories
  • Find the best photos
  • Delete bad photos or doublets
  • Automatically find family and friends to share with
  • Give suggestions to the best photos for sharing on your social media
  • Create fun filters, awesome stories and much more

A real social network

Share your best memories with those you truly want to share it with. If you want to brag? Share it with the world, but know that we are a private social media first.

  • Work together on albums so you never miss a great photo captured by someone else
  • Private moment sharing
  • Or public sharing of selected photos